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↳ About

Passionate about crafting ideas, visual elements, and interactions

into memorable user experiences.

As a UX/UI designer, I always strive to create memorable experiences that are aesthetically appealing, functional, and distinctive. Whether through marketing websites, e-commerce stores, or apps that truly benefit users, my priority is to give brands and entrepreneurs a voice and platform to exhibit who they are and what they stand for.


(A) available for modelling jobs
(B) bubble tea is my passion
(C) fashion icon aspire
(D) i'm never without my Marshalls

↳ MY 101
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↳ Services & Process

Website & APP design, user research, user experience, prototyping, interactive design, brand e-commerce, and strategy.


A deep understanding of the brief and client is a must at the starting point. Determining project goals and functional specifications, understanding the brand's value, and knowing competitors and target audiences are the foundation for solving business problems.


The moment to find out people's desires, barriers, motivations, and needs and gather inspiration for the project. Understanding the consumer and the competitors is the only way to unlock new solutions and uncover emergent opportunities for brands and products.


Clarity, focus, and definition. By aggregating, editing, and condensing what we have discovered, we establish new perspectives and consolidate a course of action. Once we've articulated the challenge, I can move into the prototype phase with confidence and inspiration.


The fourth step is all about turning ideas into tangible "artifacts." Through creative design techniques, I transform research into strategic directions and concrete solutions. It is an ongoing process that requires many prototypes to perfect the design solution.


My job is not over when the prototype is done. The final product must be pixel-perfect with the design, from every single element, like spacing, composition, and typography, to motion, functionality, and responsive devices.

↳ Clients
iStore Portugal
Xiaomi Store Portugal
F.C. Porto
Kuanto Kusta
Cult of Pita
Moov Hotels
World of Wine
Best of Bali
And more...
↳ Experience
UX/UI Designer | Webflow Dev
Right Zero
UX/UI Designer
Brava Studio
Designer Intern
Brava Studio