Concept rebranding and digital product design for the biggest low-cost bus travel company.

Amanda Mandim
Pietro Ventura

UX/UI Designer
Brand Designer

(Exploratory Case Study)
We made the bus ticket-buying experience more pleasant and efficient for users with high technical expertise and upgrade the brand's visual identity.




App Design, Branding




Porto, Portugal
↳ summary
The color scheme is more straightforward, the negative spaces are more prominent, and the users can quickly recognize the patterns in the new components. The iconography designed for the brand relies on rounded shapes and perfectly matches the supporting typography chosen for the project. Due to wise design decisions, we managed to achieve a much more straightforward and minimalist interface.
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Respecting the heuristic law of system status visibility, we divided the ticket acquisition experience into stages.

Each step is unlocked as soon as the user fills in the required fields. Colors are essential in signaling what a stage is and what interactions are within these steps. The light background signals that we are in a step, while the green background is when the user interacts within a step. An example: On the "Choose your destination" page, the user must click on the arrow to choose "From" and "To"; when he does, he is directed to a green page. The same happens when he has to select the dates of departure and return of the trip.
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