Rebranding and website redesign for the company that transforms corporate environments into real dreams

Amanda Mandim

Pietro Ventura

Camila Omelischuk

UX/UI Design

Brand Designer

Brand Designer

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Neomóbile defends its tradition of innovation in corporate environments for more than two decades. To celebrate its new moment of digital transformation we were challenged to undertake a full rebrand.




Website Design, Webflow Dev, Branding




Cuiabá, Brazil
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Neomóbile doesn't provide furniture, it furnish dreams, ideas, feelings. Neomóbile transforms spaces. The environments are planned with a focus on high performance, taking into account the needs of each customer. Having that in mind, the logo was conceived from a modular grid, where the brand letters were transformed into a system that was used to unfold the entire brand. Afterwards, the modules gained smoothed corners, bringing out the tech tone of the brand, which represents the new moment of the company.
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Consistent Design: Neomobile's modularity concept across all devices

In our effort to establish a distinctive brand identity, the modularity concept plays a pivotal role in shaping Neomobile's visual narrative in the digital environment. It goes beyond being a design philosophy; it's a dynamic force that influences every aspect their digital presence, ensuring a uniform experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile breakpoints.
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