Cult of Pita

Full brand activation for a vegetarian middle eastern street food restaurant located at the heart of Porto

Edgar Sprecher

Pedro Maia

Rafael Martins

Andreia Mello

Jotta Dubio

Maria João Pacheco

Andy Calabozo

Amanda Mandim

Francisco Sá

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Marketing Strategy

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Account Manager


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Webflow Dev

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Cult of Pita brough Middle Eastern street food right into the heart of Oporto with a Portuguese twist.


Cult of Pita


Brand Activation, Website Design, Webflow Dev




Porto, Portugal
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The Cult of Pita is a celebration of vegetarian cuisine that defies stereotypes. Owner David Hashpai, a 43-year-old Israeli, rejects the conventional portrayal of veganism, aiming to showcase its raw and imperfect beauty. Inspired by a passion for exciting, flavorful vegetarian food, Hashpai, who fell in love with Porto seven years ago, saw an opportunity to bring high-quality Mediterranean vegetarian cuisine to the city. The restaurant, located at 652 Rua Fernandes Tomás, embodies a unique blend of his cultural roots and local flavors, offering a sunlit space to enjoy cocktails, beer, and, of course, their signature soft pita.
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Seamless User Experiences Across Platforms

In our pursuit of an engaging and intuitive design for the Cult of Pita's digital space, we faced the challenge of marrying a captivating horizontal scroll experience for desktop users with a user-friendly approach tailored to mobile devices. The horizontal scroll, thoughtfully implemented, allows patrons to effortlessly explore the diverse facets of Cult of Pita's offerings, creating a dynamic and intriguing storytelling experience. On smaller screens rather than replicating the horizontal scroll, we opted for a mobile-friendly vertical design that maintains the narrative flow.
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